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Vintage Button Up Shirts

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Be comfortable and preppy with the best vintage button-up from honey beary! Add unique pieces to your closet with an oversized fit, stripes, plaids, or checkers! No matter your favorite retro style, we have your back!

Vintage Button Up Shirts for Women

Even though the majority of our vintage button-up shirts were originally made to be worn by men, they are now perfect to be worn by women especially if you are into the oversized vintage aesthetic! Instead of you borrowing your boyfriend's flannel, he will now be the one to steal from your closet! 🦋

All In One Vintage 80s Button Up Shirts

In all honesty, button-down shirts are essential. If you decide to go out shopping out of the blue at night or even want to stay all day at home, throw a soft retro flannel paired with a skirt and you are good to go for any circumstance!