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Marcelines - United States

Marcelines strives to become The online store for Vintage Sweatshirts, Button Up Shirts, T-shirts, Skirts and Jewelry of retro aesthetic in the Unites States. Our mission: to help you gain confidence and show your individuality with high-end clothing. All the items in our shop are hand picked to respond to the high demand of vintage fashion.

We promote the slow fashion movement! Most of the items on our shop are second-hand items that support sustainability.

Why is this so important to us? For its impact on the environment, for the uniqueness of vintage clothing, for the reduction of fast fashion demand, for the longer lifespan of second hand clothes (because any shrinking and fading that would have occurred already has), finally because it helps you create your own sustainable wardrobe.

Customer service, sustainability, viability and professionalism are our main focus. We guarantee shipping within 1 to 2 business days of purchase. We currently offer free national shipping in the united states. Our articles are also perfect to offer as a gift to the people that have a special place in your life.

Looking forward to seeing you around!